Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Basil Harvest

While the garden has many more days of growth before I even begin to think about the final harvest of the year, I was able to get some harvesting done this morning before the rains came. There are many many ways to preserve your herbs when you harvest and this was one of mine this morning.

My kitchen was out of basil flavored vinegar - and this is probably my favorite flavored vinegar for salads and such. So I took my basil harvest this morning and made myself some "Basil Flavored Vinegar".

Flavored vinegars are so easy to make. I cut the beautiful basil this morning just after the rain from the night had dried and before the showers began today (should have taken a picture before I put it into the jar). Filled a quart jar with what I had cut. Poured apple cider vinegar to the top of the jar. Put the lid back on the jar, and it will sit on my kitchen counter for about one week. I'll then put a fresh sprig of basil in my decorative vinegar bottle and fill it with the basil flavored vinegar.

There is probably sufficient basil in this jar that I could have made a half gallon of flavored vinegar rather than just a quart; so I'll probably refill the quart jar with new apple cider vinegar once I bottle this original batch.

Now I'll have flavored vinegar to use as a basis for salad dressings or to just sprinkle over the fresh red beet greens I just bought today. Another way to give your breakfast a bit of a jazz, sprinkle a few drops of your favorite flavored vinegar over your scrambled eggs. Wow.

The reason for apple cider vinegar vice distilled vinegar we will talk about another day.

Do you have a favorite flavored vinegar? What is your process for making it?

p.s. Are you able to see some of my lavender harvest in the background of the picture?

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