Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring with Freeze Warnings

Returning to my blog after quite an absence. Life, home, health, and family seemed to take over my time and I just couldn't get it together to do any writing or sharing on my favorite topic - HERBS!

Just heard the news that we may have temperatures tonight and tomorrow night that will freeze what you have already planted!!! So would urge you to take a walk thru the garden to see what you may need to protect. Of course your perennials coming up should be safe - but if you have started to plant any of the more annual type of things, they will need protected. A couple of ways that I do that: a cardboard box placed over the plants or sometime I will use a tomato cage with a garbage bag over it. Anything to keep the plant somewhat protected should work just fine. Of course maybe I'm the only one who has been enjoying the garden so much this spring that I have some tender annuals already in the ground. They are planted next to the house, which usually protects them; but think I may go out and add to that protection tonight.

I have started my list of herb plants that I must replace this year. I had some work done on the patio last summer and all the digging and moving of dirt buried some of my most favorite plants. I know my list will just continue to grow until I get to the Baltimore Herb Festival on Memorial Day Weekend. The many vendors at this show make it possible to find those herbs that you just thought were impossible to find. During the past several years I've been able to add a great many medicinal plants to my garden. Those specialty plants that only a herbal healer would want to plant, like blue and black cohosh, wild ginger, valerian. Can't wait to see what I may be able to pick up this year!!!

If you have never been to this festival and are looking for some of the more exotic medicinal plants, I would urge you to think about going. It is held in a lovely park on the north side of town, with vendors from up and down the mid-Atlantic region. Workshops are offered throughout the day. I first met Dr. James Duke at this festival 30 years ago, so you never know who you may meet.

Here is the web site for more information -

Happy Planting!!!!!